Apartment Giuli

casa giuliIt is situated in Piazza Parasio, the highest area of this medieval acropolis of Porto Maurizio. It benefits an extreme peace because it is located in a Limited Traffic Zone area. Next to the entrance of Casa Giuli there is a wonderful view, thanks to a beautiful balcony that faces the view of the sea.

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Apartment Ines

casa inesThis is an extremely comfortable apartment, with just four steps leading up to the entrance. It is located next to the ancient San Leonardo church in the Parasio area, in Imperia’s old town. It has a fine terrace standing tall over the sea. The sound of the breaking waves passes over it and into the house itself.

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Apartment Lide

casa inesCase Lide has been designed and renovated with the principles of “Casa Zen”, though there is a clear country influence too. The house is situated around six kilometres from the centre of Imperia, three kilometres from the coast as the crow flies and 240 metres above sea level in the beautiful Montegrazie.

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Apartment Angie

casa inesThis apartment is located in a magnificent palazzo at the top of the acropolis in Porto Maurizio, which is known as the Parasio. It looks out over Piazza dei Consoli, which has panoramic views and feels like it is suspended between the sky and the sea.

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